Multichain Zaps

Zap in, Zap out.

Zap in - from any chain

To allow users to deposit into Mozaic’s omnichain vaults (from any chain) we are integrating a feature known as ‘multi-chain zaps.’
To do this we will be integrating with Wido.
Wido are a multi-chain zap infrastructure that ‘builds SDKs and Widgets that let Dapps enable cross-chain zaps with any token.’ This integration will allow any token from any chain to directly enter our vaults, without the need to bridge across chains, providing ease of accessibility for our users.
This also aligns with the Mozaic vision of providing ‘single click vault capital allocations.’ As long as a user holds a token that can be swapped on Uniswap with less than 1% slippage, the vault will accept the token.