Real Time Monitoring


To guard from malicious attacks, anomalies and anything that may harm the Mozaic protocol and/or users’ funds, we have decided to employ one of the most prominent real-time security and operational monitoring tools, Forta.
Forta’s detection network for security and operational monitoring of blockchain activity is leading edge and currently monitors a total value of $36B, in projects such as Lido and Compound. For Mozaic, it is crucial that we have prompt and relevant alerts about the security and health of our protocol, so our users can be sure that everything encompassed within the Mozaic ecosystem and, in particular, our vaults are absolutely secure.
Forta DeFi Threat Detection
For example, Mozaic goes through a vigorous whitelisting procedure for protocols we use for yield farming vaults. If an outside entity was able to maliciously add an ulterior protocol that could potentially harm or withdraw funds, Forta will automatically pause our contracts for an hour and send an alert to the team, allowing us to assess the risk and whether we need to undertake a multisig action if required or take further steps if necessary.
As we boast an impressive architecture with many moving parts, we must ensure that the protocol has the leading security & operational monitoring in the industry so that we can react quickly to neutralize threats and prevent and/or minimize the loss of any funds or damages to the protocol itself.