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What is Mozaic?

Simply put, Mozaic provides automatic yield farming using AI and LayerZero technology.

But it's much more than that.

Mozaic is a community founded project, bootstrapped by a highly experienced team with the goal of bringing AI into the hands of everyday users.


The AI, Archimedes has one objective:

To save users time and maximize their profitability.

He does this by removing the indecisions involved with yield farming as he compounds and rebalances assets to the highest APY pools every hour (if profitable).

Archimedes thinks like a trader. He is programmed with the core team's institutional grade technology and proprietary trading strategies.


The saturation of choice and the difficulty of discovering yield opportunities has and continues to be a major hurdle for the average cryptocurrency holder, adding unnecessary levels of complexity to the simple question of; "Where can I stake my tokens to achieve the highest return?"

Mozaic eliminates this problem by making the most efficient yield farming decisions on behalf of the end user.

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