Automatic and efficient yield farming with LayerZero technology. Welcome to an omnichain future.

What is Mozaic?

Mozaic aims to overhaul the current indecisions involved with yield farming in DeFi by providing a simple, one-click interface that allows anyone to interact with our own machine learning (ML) algorithm, which farms on behalf of the end user.
Omnichain Vaults (MVP at launch):
  • Vault 1 (Stablecoins): USDC, USDT, BUSD;
  • Vault 2 (Core Network): ETH, BNB, OP, AVAX.
Users can choose to zap any amount of the above cryptocurrencies into the vaults - all accessible from the Mozaic dapp.

What's the appeal?

The saturation of choice and difficulty of discovery of yield opportunities has and continues to be a major hurdle for the average cryptocurrency holder, adding unnecessary levels of complexity to the simple question of; "Where can I stake my tokens to achieve the highest return?". Mozaic eliminates this problem by making the most efficient yield farming decisions on behalf of the end user - providing the most competitive yield-bearing strategies in the industry.
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Core Features

  • Simple-to-use omnichain vaults, mean users need little technical knowledge;
  • Robust ML algorithms optimizes yield farming;
  • Automatic selection of farms and compounding at the most efficient intervals
  • LayerZero technology allows Mozaic to harness yield on multiple blockchains;
  • First omnichain protocol to harness multi-chain ‘zaps’