What is Mozaic?
Mozaic is an automatic index farming protocol that gives users the ability to optimally yield farm on all chains.

Automatic Omnichain Index Farming

Mozaic is an omnichain protocol that empowers users by continuously searching for the most capital efficient multi-chain yield farming opportunities and automating the process. Mozaic levels the playing ground between institutions and retail participants by providing a simple user interface and by minimizing the impact of individual fee expenditure through the aggregation and intelligent routing of user funds.
The saturation of choice and difficulty of discovery of yield opportunities can be a major hurdle for the average cryptocurrency holder, adding unnecessary levels of complexity to the simple question of; "Where can I stake my tokens to achieve the highest return?". Mozaic eliminates this problem by streamlining the DeFi experience for the end user while also providing the most competitive yield-bearing strategies in the industry.
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Technical Overview

Mozaic will launch with two core strategies (vaults):
  • Vault 1 (Stablecoins): USDC, USDT, BUSD;
  • Vault 2 (Altcoin Majors): ETH, BNB, SOL, ARB (TBD), OPT, AVAX.
Users can choose to zap any amount of the above cryptocurrencies. Mozaic's patented Archimedes algorithm rebalances all zapped deposits across the cryptocurrencies in that vault and then begins farming with the aggregated funds, compounding every hour.
This mechanism of automatic cross-chain yield farming is all accessible to the user from the Mozaic dapp.

Core Features

  • Risk mitigation through diversification and machine learning models;
  • Less indecision for asset allocation - just pick the category;
  • Uses basic user interface that makes the need for technical know-how to be practically non-existent;
  • Automating the process of switching protocols with higher yields;
  • Exposure to a basket of category specific assets at one time;
  • Effective automatic compounding.
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