Live alerts and contract monitoring.

Real-Time Monitoring

To safeguard users from malicious attacks, anomalies, and potential threats to the protocol and users' funds, Mozaic has integrated Hypernative for real-time protocol alerts. Hypernative leverages advanced machine learning models, heuristics, simulations, and graph-based detections to predict and mitigate a wide range of risks, including smart contract hacks, bridge security incidents, market manipulations, and private key theft.

With Hypernative, the Mozaic protocol core team will receive real-time alerts and relevant notifications about the security and health of the protocol, ensuring a robust and proactive defense mechanism.


Quick response is critical in neutralizing potential threats and minimizing the risk of fund loss or damage. Hypernative automatically sends alerts to the core team and trusted developers at Mozaic when issues arise, enabling the team to respond swiftly, assess risks, and implement necessary actions. This real-time monitoring and threat detection ensure that Mozaic can maintain the highest security standards and protect its users effectively​.

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