xMOZ holders are entitled to earn a share of protocol rewards.


The Earn Terminal is unique to the Mozaic ecosystem designed to distribute proportional rewards to xMOZ stakers. The reward pool and distribution amount(s) will grow over time in line with the health of the protocol.

NOTE: Staked xMOZ can be used in governance.

The Earn Terminal is a 'no lock in system.'

The protocol encourages active participation in governance and with this in mind, xMOZ holders should feel as if the staking system is not there to 'trap' them for extended periods of time to earn their share of fees.

Reward Calculation

Each week a percentage of the 'Total Reward Pool' is distributed proportionally to xMOZ stakers. Users will need to stake their xMOZ prior to the cut-off time each epoch to be eligible for their share of weekly rewards.

An epoch in this case represents one week - beginning at 1pm UTC every Tuesday, the same time as the start of the weekly Mozaic Community Calls.

The higher percentage share of staked xMOZ a user has at the cut-off time, the larger their percentage claim to rewards that epoch.

Unstaking prior to the cut-off time each week forfeits any rewards proportionally (see below for an example).


A user has 100 xMOZ staked in the EARN Terminal before the cut-off time.

The user unstakes 50 xMOZ before the next epoch cut-off interval.

The user will therefore forfeit 50% of their upcoming rewards for that epoch.

These rewards are distributed to other xMOZ stakers proportionally during that epoch.

Multi-Token Distribution

Fees shared with xMOZ holders are added to a pool.

This pool is capable of distributing ERC-20 tokens, beyond MOZ and xMOZ.

xMOZ stakers will therefore be able to stake -> claim a variety of crypto assets in the future, for example:

  • xMOZ


  • ETH & wETH

  • ARB

  • STG

...and more.

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