Stake, Claim, Fee & Unstake

User interactions within the Earn Terminal.


Stake xMOZ and earn a share of weekly available rewards.


A user must stake their xMOZ for an entire epoch to be eligible for weekly rewards.

The larger percentage share at the cut-off time, the greater claim to rewards.


A user will need to initiate a transaction to claim their share of rewards each week. A user is not opted to do so, they have the choice to do so at their leisure.

However, upon unstaking rewards will automatically be harvested and the 1.5% claim fee applied.


A 1.5% claim fee is charged on claims only and is distributed back into the reward pool.


Unstaking ANY AMOUNT of xMOZ automatically claims any pending rewards.


Unstaking prior to the 1pm UTC cut-off time every Tuesday forfeits any upcoming rewards proportionally to the unstaked amount.

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