GM Pools

Yield farming across GMX Market Pools.

GMX Market Pools

GMX V2 consists of 'Market' pools, which are comprised of:

  • Index Price Feed: Long and short tokens will be opened / closed based on this price feed

  • Long Token: The token that 'backs' long positions

  • Short Token: The token that 'backs' short positions

e.g. ETH/USD:

  • Index Price Feed: ETH/USD

  • Long Token: ETH tokens back long positions

  • Short Token: USDC tokens back short positions

Pricing GM Tokens

The price of the GM token depends on:

  • The price of the long tokens

  • The price of the short tokens

  • The net pending PnL of traders' open positions.

Fees from leverage trading and swaps will automatically increase the price of GM tokens.

Source: GMX Docs, Liquidity on V2

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