MOZ Token Emissions.


The MOZ token emissions schedule is as follows (updated accordingly):

Community Raise:

  • Details: see Community Raise

  • 6% of the Max Supply

  • 20% received at TGE, 20% released every month on a claim basis through Hedgey

  • Four months total vesting

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP)

  • Tokens Released: 21,620,000 (2.16%)

OTC Agreement with @0x7d54

  • Date: November 21st, 2023 (executed, see Arbiscan)

  • Details: see MIP-6

  • MOZ Amount: 10,000,000 MOZ

  • Term Length: Four month lock, four month linear vesting

Vault Incentives (To Be Revised)

Protocol Owned Liquidity

  • Date: From TGE

  • Details: see Pool

  • MOZ Amount: 17,123,287 paired with 76.90 ETH at TGE (see LBP)

  • Term Length: N/A

Development Fund

  • Date: TGE

  • Details: 1.51/5% of the Development Fund will be distributed linearly over 6 months from TGE for paid marketing, integrations and technical development.

  • MOZ Amount: 15,100,000 MOZ

  • Term Length: Distributed linearly over 6 months


  • Date: Post TGE

  • MOZ Amount: ~0.06% OR 607,500 MOZ distributed for Zealy pre-season/season one rewards.

  • An additional 0.25% in MOZ will be distributed to the Tenset community, that will be linearly distributed over 12 months to their community, beginning one month after TGE

The MozaicDAO will work with the Core Contributors to ensure the healthy emissions of the MOZ token beyond TGE that is IN-LINE with protocol revenue. Details of this will be published with the launch of the MozaicDAO

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