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Token Roadmap

ONE of FIVE features of the Mozaic Roadmap.

Token Economy

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Active Liquidity Management (ALM)

Providing concentrated liquidity to V3 AMM's can be time consuming and confusing. Mozaic will be partnering with an ALM provider to allow users with little to no knowledge harness the superior yield available by providing liquidity to V3 AMMs.
An ALM tool eliminates the need for users to constantly monitor and manage their positions, providing a more passive and streamlined experience. Additionally, ALM 'vaults' are designed to protect against impermanent loss and other risks associated with liquidity provision.


When MOZ holders convert to xMOZ they are entitled to a share of protocol rewards, distributed proportionally on an 'epoch' based timeframe.
The DAO has accrued upwards of $40,000 in swap fees since TGE. (07/11/2023)


If a user is earning yield in one or more of Mozaic vaults, they will be able to allocate their xMOZ to a vault deposit, or separate their balance between multiple deposits to boost their yield and collect any additional rewards in yield.


Made popular by @tapioca_dao and more specifically @twMattt's piece, 'The Death of Liquidity Mining' -- oTokens provide a solution to simple liquidity mining programs.
Vault depositors could lock their LP token and have the right to exercise discounts on xMOZ based on their average lock time, purchasable from the DAO allocation of the Max Supply. Through the oToken model, the DAO will continue to diversify the Treasury with hard assets (USDT, USDC, ETH) while not 'giving away tokens for free.'


As the protocol continues to expand with integrations and partnerships, opportunities may arise in which the MozaicDAO may propose to use treasury assets to acquire or swap for other protocol tokens that align with its long term vision.
These assets may be yield bearing or otherwise proposed and voted on by the MozaicDAO.