Community Raise

Date: 3rd of July at 2pm UTC




4% -> 6% of the Max Supply.

20% received at TGE, 20% released every month on a block-by-block basis.

Four months total vesting.


Raise Amount: $300,000.

Fully Diluted Valuation: 7.5M FDV.

Vesting: 25% at TGE, 25% every month after.

Maximum contribution per wallet: $50,000 USDC


Phase #1: Whitelist, 48 Hours duration

Phase #2: Public, 72 Hours duration

Whitelist Phase: open for 48 hours unless the amount is filled. It will operate on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS. Any tokens left unsold from this phase will then be go toward the public phase.

Public Phase: will be open after the Whitelist Phase. Will also operate on a first come, first serve basis or until all tokens have been sold.


Community Sale #1 SOLD OUT within 24 hours.

122 participants contributed to the sale.

A multi-sig wallet (on ETH and BSC) held the raised funds: 0x26E17aDa97868A75FFbF01bB36DC84dcAC180f83

The total raise amount equaled $290,000 from the sale. This is due to fact that an advisor (who is an absolute CHAD) had funded the Hercules Vault audit cost, chose to be partially paid back by investing in the community sale. This amounted to $10,000, which is why the amount raised was $290,000.


Solidity Development: $48,970

  • Further Development Salaries (ongoing): $26,000

AI Technical Development: $90,000

  • Further Development and Salaries (ongoing): $7,000

Team Salaries: $5,250

  • Further Team Salaries (ongoing): $4,875

Front End Development: $3600

Hercules Audit:

  • $34,000 was loaned by our advisor (minus 10,000 for investment in the community sale).

  • $24,000 to be paid back to said advisor

Loan for Marketing Expenses: $10,000

Data Hosting (previous to Google Program): $9,000

Refine Studio: $12,000

PreSail Software: $3,750 + $590

Vault #2 Audit: $10,000 (part one)


RAISED: $290,000

PAID: $255,035

REMAINING: $34,965


(updated 04/08/2023)

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