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What is Mozaic Finance?

Mozaic is an automatic yield farming protocol powered by AI and LayerZero technology.

What is the goal of this project?

To provide an intuitive protocol that empowers users with automatic yield farming. We aim to make this process as simple as possible for any user. While this is our initial goal, LayerZero technology have made the possibilities for yield farming endless.

Who created Mozaic?

Mozaic is a community built project, brought to life in Sydney, Australia from a team of quantitative and proprietary firm traders. They teamed up with machine learning experts in California and software engineers in London. Mozaic now boasts a team of 20+ individuals.

Why would I use AI powered vaults over a self managed portfolio?

Self managing yield farming in DeFi poses many challenges and risks - our omnichain vaults remove the indecisions that arise in yield farming that stem from yield decay, transaction fees, over choice and the risks that are incurred from moving positions from farm to farm that occasionally involve cross-chain transactions.

Why is Mozaic different to other yield farming protocols?

Mozaic boasts an expert team of AI experts, which we combine with LayerZero technology (omnichain interoperability) that amalgamates to create one of the most seamless and competitive yield farming experience for any user.

Is there a token yet?

Yes. See this page for details.


The information found in this Gitbook is subject to change. There will be a prior notice and complete transparency for all changes.

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