A user has three options when withdrawing xMOZ -> MOZ.

If a user initiates the withdrawal process, they will lose access to any xMOZ utility and voting power.


xMOZ must be 'withdrawn' to redeem equivalent MOZ.

A user has three options to withdraw:

  • Minimum withdrawal period of 15 days incurs a 50% withdrawal penalty

  • Median withdrawal period of 30 days incurs a 25% withdrawal penalty

  • Maximum withdrawal period of 45 days incurs a 0% withdrawal penalty

Only the MAXIMUM withdrawal option will return xMOZ to MOZ at a 1:1 ratio.

Any excess MOZ (from the minimum or median withdrawal period) is redirected to the DAO Treasury.

Ratios calculated only after the FULL TIME has elapsed.

Withdrawal process can be cancelled at any time.

SCENARIO A: If a user has 100 xMOZ and selects the minimum withdrawal duration of 15 days, after the time has expired they will be able to REDEEM 50 MOZ. The remaining 50 MOZ is sent to the DAO Treasury.

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