Intelligent Farming

Harness our ML algorithm and let it make the most efficient yield farming decisions for you.


At Mozaic, we have dubbed our ML algorithm, Archimedes.
It is designed to remove the indecisions that arise in yield farming that stem from yield decay, transaction fees, over choice and the risks that are incurred from moving positions from farm to farm that occasionally involve cross-chain transactions.
Archimedes is a profit maximalist - it is constantly learning and evolving, serving as a ‘database’ that continually learns and improves over time.

So, how does it work?

When a user deposits into one of the Mozaic vaults, Archimedes aggregates all users’ deposits before searching for the best yield across multiple farms. The algorithm will then intelligently switch farms (if necessary) and compound at the most efficient intervals - it is not bound by a single blockchain and can hunt for the best yield regardless of which blockchain.
Archimedes intelligently and holistically considers APY and predictive APY metrics, token prices, fees, slippage, time, TVL, and error rates in all its decisions. This processing is computed off-chain to ensure it is cost effective, efficient and reliable - only the results are published and implemented on chain to ensure the decisions of Archimedes cannot be imitated.
We will use Zero Knowledge Proofs to ensure that the off-chain data that is published on-chain is indeed true and not being manipulated by the Mozaic team.