Interactions within the Mozaic ecosystem.

1) Hoplite Governed Liquidity

Post launch, all funds raised will be proportionally owned by all 378 NFT holders.

If a user holds 4 Hoplite NFTs, their share of Hoplite owned liquidity will equal 4/378.

  • Approximately 1.058% share

Infrastructure will be established in the future so Hoplite NFT holders can collectively decide how to redirect the liquidity throughout the Mozaic ecosystem.

2) Hoplite Owned Liquidity (HOL)

Mint proceeds will go toward establishing a liqudity pool on the Sudoswap AMM:

  • $HOP-$ETH

Similar to the MOZ-ETH pair on Camelot, the Sudoswap AMM provides (instant) guaranteed liquidity for anyone who wishes to swap to and from $HOP.

The opening price on the secondary market will be determined by the closing price of the GDA.

3) Yield Bearing

Mint funds not used to provide liquidity on the Sudoswap AMM will be deposited into the Theseus Vault to earn yield.

A swap fee (royalties) of 1.5% are compounded into the HOL on Sudoswap as buybacks or as additional liquidity on the Sudoswap AMM (tbc.)

HOL and the Theseus Vault deposit will be traceable on-chain.

4) Leaderboard Perks

Hoplites grant access to exclusive areas of the protocol leaderboard as well as point multipliers (boosts) to a users available points.

5) Omnichain

  • Hoplites NFTS are an OFT standard and are able to be bridged seamlessly cross-chain

  • In the future, partnerships will be established that will allow Hoplites to bridge their NFT cross chain and participate in multi-chain events.

6) Merch...

  • Hoplites have access to exclusive Mozaic merchandise in the future.

Hoplite utility is designed to be expansive, anon...

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