Participate in seasons on Zealy and climb the Olympus Ladder.

Season-to-Season Breakdown.

1. Each season players will earn experience points, level up and earn a spot on our Zealy leaderboard

2. At the end of each season, players will receive perks and bonus rewards (e.g. Galxe OATs) based on their rank

3. Perks and rewards contribute toward boosting your rank on Mozaic’s Olympus Ladder (Protocol Leaderboard) as well as housing a suite of other exclusive benefits within the protocol.

4. Zealy leaderboard resets points between each season.

Interact differently, perform new tasks and earn new rewards each season.

Exclusive rewards will be given to players who rank highly on the Zealy leaderboard at the conclusion of each season. Participate in each season on Zealy, earn points and climb the Olympus Ladder…

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