Protocol Revenue

Mechanisms designed to continually drive revenue to the Mozaic Treasury.


The Mozaic treasury will be funded with 20% of the MOZ token supply. The Mozaic team will retain control of the treasury post launch as we transition to a DAO. The treasury will be used to continually support the development and progress of Mozaic. The goal will be to bolster, grow and diversify the Mozaic treasury to ensure a robust and stable backbone to the entirety of the Mozaic ecosystem.
The Mozaic protocol will collect ongoing fee revenue through two mechanisms:
  • a 10% performance (profit) fee;
  • 1% fee on withdrawals only (discourages vault withdrawals).
Both of these fee systems will be distributed to the Mozaic treasury.
Finally, funds used from the bonding sale may also be used in tandem with treasury tokens to deepen the Uniswap V3 pools with ‘protocol owned liquidity.’ This will provide revenue to the treasury through fees collected from any DEX swaps. We will also be able to hedge any instances of our IL with our partnership with [redacted].