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The Senate

The Mozaic DAO will be governed by The Senate.


The primary function of The Senate is to facilitate discussion to help build the protocol and the Mozaic community. The Senate is also tasked with promoting discussion for governance topics. The Senate will review, reject, and vote on whether draft proposals are put forth as official MPs.


To ensure that the Mozaic protocol builds the foundations for long-term success, for the first year, The Senate will be governed by seven members:
  • Five internally elected members, w/ a one-year fixed term
  • Two community elected individuals, w/ 6 month terms
Members will be a set of elect individuals who have taken an active interest in the protocol and its development.

Proposal Guidelines

Proposals should be used:
  • To support and expand Mozaic
  • To bolster the Mozaic community
  • To promote DeFi education
  • To expand global adoption of DeFi