Omnichain Index Vaults
Mozaic will launch with two core strategies (Vaults).

Using Mozaic

To get started, a user will zap in funds to our one-click strategies (vaults), which will enable them to interact with our machine learning algorithm Archimedes (the algorithm is proprietary software and not open source). This is all accessible from the Mozaic dapp.

Omnichain Vaults

Mozaic will launch with two core vaults:
  • Vault 1 (Stablecoins): USDC, USDT, BUSD;
  • Vault 2 (Altcoin Majors); ETH, BNB, SOL, ARB (TBD), OPT, AVAX.
Users can choose to zap any amount of the above cryptocurrencies in their respective vault. The Archimedes algorithm will then rebalance and aggregate that deposit across the cryptocurrencies in that vault. The algorithm then begins yield farming on the most optimal blockchain, automatically compounding and rebalancing the vaults at the most efficient intervals.
Users will also be able to see their balance and rebalanced vault portfolio on the Mozaic dapp. A network (txn) fee will need to be paid to deposit and withdraw. Funds are not time locked, but incur a 1% deposit and withdrawal fee. The Mozaic protocol will also collect fee revenue through two mechanisms; a 10% performance fee on yield generated and the aforementioned 1% deposit and withdrawal fee. This is distributed to the Mozaic treasury.

Initial Vault Strategies

We chose both high market capitalization and middle tier capitalization vaults to help our machine learning-based algorithm Archimedes improve its reliability over a wide range of data samples. Once enough live data is collected we will continue increasing the amount of vaults to ensure the initial vaults are operating smoothly. We hope to reduce risk by implementing vaults this way.