Live alerts and contract monitoring.

Real-Time Monitoring

To guard users against malicious attacks, anomalies, and anything that may harm the protocol and/or users’ funds, Mozaic has employed Upshield for real time protocol alerts. The team from Upshield has a background in offensive security and red teaming, having worked to protect Coinbase and its users on both web2 and web3 fronts, while also breaking into banks, governments, and critical infrastructure.

With Upshield, the Mozaic protocol core team will receive real-time prompts and relevant alerts about the security and health of the protocol.


Reacting as quickly as possible to neutralize any potential threats and prevent and/or minimize the loss of any funds or damages is vital for any DeFi protocol. Upshield will automatically send an alert(s) to the core team and trusted developers at Mozaic if a problem arises, allowing the team to respond in an agile manner and assess the risk and carry out any necessary steps.

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