Launch Date: TBD
Bonding Sale: 8.00% dedicated to launch and establish liquidity pools on Uniswap V3:
  • 5.00% to a MOZ-USDC on Ethereum;
  • 2.00% to a MOZ-BUSD on Binance Smart Chain;
  • 1.00% to a MOZ-USDC on Avalanche;
The starting price for bonding will be $0.03.
Bonding price will increase linearly as contributors purchase MOZ tokens on each individual chain.
Bonding curves will stay open for 72 hours.
Wallets will need to be whitelisted prior to participate.
Wallets will also be capped at a maximum contribution amount ($1M).
Contributors will receive their MOZ tokens immediately.
Funds raised will be used to establish pools on Uniswap V3.
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