The Hercules Vault receipt token

The official vault receipt token for Hercules is mozLP (otherwise known as MOZ-HER-LP).

Contract address (Arbitrum): 0x2e8751Fcd698B0A0704a04515667229e7843fa58

mozLP Collateralized Lending on MYSO v2

As per MIP-8, the mozLP token can be used as collateral on Myso Finance to take out a ZERO LIQUIDATION LOAN (ZLL) against a Hercules stablecoin deposit. At this stage, users must receive the mozLP token on Arbitrum ONLY in order to collateralizse their deposit.

1/ Select Token Pair: Select MOZ-HER-LP on Myso (mozLP = MOZ-HER-LP).

2/ Input Collateral Amount: Input the amount of mozLP tokens you want to collateralise.

3/ Select Loan Offer: Select which terms you would like for the loan.

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