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Collection Breakdown

  • 310 to be sold via GDA

  • 20 for community airdrops

  • 45 for Hoplite Owned Liquidity (HOL)

  • 3 'Demigods' to be airdropped to three participants of the GDL


Mint proceeds will go to establishing liquidity for NFT swaps on Sudoswap, guaranteeing liquidity for anyone who does wish to swap to and from their Hoplite and ETH. This trading pool will be established upon conclusion of the Gradual Dutch Auction (GDA).

Remaining funds will be deposited into the Theseus Vault to earn yield.

Hoplite NFT holders all have a claim to and will be able to govern the raised liquidity in the future.

The team will not profit from the sale in any way.


  • FEBRUARY 2024

Additional launch details to be updated shortly.

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