Zero Knowledge Proofs

A zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) is a method used in cryptography to prove that something is known without revealing the known information directly. It essentially allows private information, such as the interactions of users with our vaults, to remain confidential (e.g. amounts sent, asset type sent). We have sought out Findora for such privacy features:
Findora Interaction
Furthermore, as an extension of ZKPs, Zero-Knowledge Scalable Transparent Arguments of Knowledge (ZK-STARKs) technology will be integral in protecting the interactions of our ML and its farming, rebalancing and compounding decisions. This will facilitate the confidentiality of sensitive information, such as the off-chain decisions of our proprietary ML algorithm, to remain confidential in its on-chain interactions with the Mozaic vaults.
Ultimately, it will prove to the user that our algorithm indeed governs the vault's decisions, without manipulation from the team.
The previous iteration of ZKPs, ‘ZK-SNARKs’ required a trusted setup phase (a third-party) whereas ZK-STARKs ‘uses publicly verifiable randomness to create trustlessly verifiable computation systems’ - it removes the need for a trusted, third-party setup. We want to ensure that our users and their deposits are secure from any malicious third parties that may be attempting to, for example, front-run our ML and its decisions in alternating farms or rebalancing funds (exchanging from coin to coin) especially in the core network vault.